Posted by: Mel Crane | August 8, 2010

Plastic and “toy-like”

When building our first steel trawler and it came time to think about dorade boxes for engine room intake and exhaust, I called the only company that I was aware offered them for sale. When I asked the sales agent to describe the product for me he candidly replied that in his opinion the product was “plastic and toy-like”. He suggested that if we could build a boat we could build a dorade box that would be better than any that were commercially available.
That comment came to mind again while making some plumbing changes to an existing boat. I inadvertently applied slight pressure to a 1 1/2 inch hose as it entered a plastic shower sump. The plastic hose barb easily broke away from the plastic sump box and the whole unit had to be replaced. I resolved that for the next time a sump box is needed we will build it with stainless steel and a Lexan cover.
One of the advantages of a custom built boat is that components like these can be built to a higher quality than those that are routinely installed on production boats.


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