Posted by: Mel Crane | December 19, 2007

Just what is a trawler?

With the increase in popularity of the passagemaking style of boating, many different types of boat have been dubbed “trawler”.  You hear of fast trawlers, pocket trawlers, traditional trawlers, cat trawlers and many other kinds of trawler when someone wants to sell a boat in today’s market.  So, what really is a trawler?

The trawler yacht or cruising trawler is named for its similarity in appearance to the commercial fishing trawler.  The commercial fishing trawler always has a displacement hull both for load carrying capacity and its ability to travel long distances with minimal fuel consumption.

To me the designation trawler also implies a vessel that is rugged enough to withstand heavy seas and has a bottom that is shaped so it will not bang or thump in rough water.

Most trawlers have a single diesel engine and a large fuel capacity.  Because displacement boats traveling at hull speed do not require high horsepower, a single engine is adequate.  A single engine is half the cost of two engines.  Also, an engine room with a single engine has more room for maintenance and repair.  Most diesel engine failures are due to fuel problems.  Proper fuel care and maintenance will contribute more to reliability than a second engine.


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